"Small I" and "BIG I", SWAMI SAI BABA`s Message on June 22, 2013



I can destroy and rebuild everything with MY CONSCIOUSNESS!

Each part of MY BEING has the ability to differentiate between good and evil, to destroy and to rebuild.

You can also do so on a small scale – and on a big scale.

When you do it on a small scale, you do it also on a big one, although you do not realize it at the moment or you are not in a position to see it.

The moment that you begin to change yourself, the small and the big are accomplished, because the vibrating field has changed.

Take this power over to you and say to yourself:

I myself and SUPERIOR SELF: GOD!

I can change myself and then I will recognize GOD within me!


I am convinced that you can achieve this if you want it and do not leave it up to chance!

When you work in a garden and take away the weeds, then what you have planted begins to thrive.

But when you leave everything up to chance, the weeds will take over and the flowers will have a much shorter lifetime because they are not able to grow.

It is exactly the same thing with people: I myself and SUPERIOR SELF.

In philosophy one talks of I myself (the ego) and SUPERIOR SELF. Sometimes I am myself, sometimes I am SUPERIOR SELF.

I can take the control over myself by ignoring the inner self that destroys me, when I feel that there is something evil in me.

But because I have the power over me together with GOD, I can kill this feeling, because I choose the GOOD and I stay with it – this is when SPIRITUALITY begins!

SPIRITUALITY is not just GOD, GOD, GOD, but also “me, me, me”.

There is the “small I” and the “BIG I”.

The “BIG I”  is GOD, the “small I” is the ego that acts in a small way, steering us away from our life, from a DIVINE life – that the “BIG I” takes over superiority and responsibility! And says:
”cry, `little I`, you are being taken advantage of, by GOD, by heaven, by earth, from everywhere – you are not what you are! You must cry, you must scold, you must go against GOD, against yourself and destroy your thoughts, your good thoughts!”

Sometimes, the “small I” can be a little devil!

For that reason we should not follow the “small I”,
we must destroy it.

This weed that should be pulled right down to the roots! So that it has no chance to grow again within us – then we will feel better: “I do my work, and then when I manage in between  I may go swimming!” This is not a fight, this is understanding: “I do my work, then I go swimming.”

And the “small I” is dead, that was so rebellious, that was against GOD, just like a small child that cries and cries and cries and doesn’t stop, doesn’t  understand a word, but keeps on crying and destroys, and is loud so that in the end it has no strength left and is mad that it didn’t get what it wanted. This is the “small I”, the little devil in us!

How can it be destroyed, every day, every hour, every second so that it is torn away right down to the roots, so that it has no chance to ever grow again – then we are happy and duality has vanished!

We could also leave it up to GOD, but why? You are yourself GOD, you can grow to be GOD.

 Then start to kill the “small I”! Learn to say no ! Not to GOD but to your “small I”, to the devil that plays with you.

 Change, transform, prevent – those were the words spoken by SAI BABA yesterday! We can take this in our own hands – GOD always supports the GOOD! As we start to change what is happening within us, like a film! Destroy this film and keep away! Believe in the GOOD! What we learned from Mom and Dad, the right way! Do good deeds – this is what JESUS CHRISTUS wants!

JESUS CHRISTUS says: “I can change you, I can also prevent everything, but then you are not GOD! Let this growth take place in you and be prepared to start from the beginning – this is growth!”

The animalistic elements can only leave if you open yourself for human and DIVINE elements! Then they have no room left, because you know – through the ability to differentiate that GOD bestowed upon us -  that this is not good! “What I do is not good, what I think is not good! This feeling, this anger!”

Boycotting, doing nothing or the wrong thing, making mistakes – this is not DIVINE – why should I do it? It only costs unnecessary strength, I won’t let this devil enter me! I close the door for the last time and lock it!”

This is when one begins to leave the duality! One can live on the earth, but without duality, without animalistic elements!

Sometimes GOD confronts us with difficult life situations, to allow us to grow!

If you can solve easy tasks then you get difficult tasks, just like in school, so that you can grow and learn!

The other is the devil that is playing with you – Slam the door to his face!

See it as a symbol: the door is closed and it is locked!

I do not cry at night, but I count the stars to see how many souls, good souls have incarnated! Each soul has a star!

I marvel at the night, at its depth – I hear the night – this is GOD – but no pain!

Once you have closed the door and locked it, you can become  thought-less !

Thought-less – there is a double meaning – free of thoughts also means: make no demand, ask for nothing in return!

And to be free of thoughts also means that your head is so pure so that you can accomplish so much more in the COSMOS, through thoughts, because they are so pure and these thoughts are GOD and this is what changes the COSMOS!