And do not be impatient - with all and everything
GOD is also PATIENCE -
no matter how far the distance.

I have said  that the day comes that I will show MYSELF with MY SON  -  that you will see ME with MY SON  JESUS CHRIST –
so there must be this TRUST that one believes that it is going to happen!

TIME is irritation -


GOD wants to show HIMSELF in PERSON -
GOD has said to us that HE will soon show HIMSELF officially - show HIMSELF with HIS SON JESUS CHRIST -
You just have to believe in it –
otherwise where is your FAITH which nourishes you  - the TRUST !

TIME is a GAME, like a game clock.


DISCIPLINE - being disciplined between head and heart -
What does my mind say, what does my heart say, do I act for my heart  or do I act because
my head wants it so.


If you listened to your deep heart ,
you would hear SINGING  - this is GOD!

Everything else is illusion: "This I have said  - what have I done - what have I not done "   -
but immediately begin to change - your thoughts -
the thoughts manifest in your hearts.

The world of the thoughts is a bazaar –

a lot of thoughts come and go  -
Many people go in and out of a bazaar …

But what do I do with these thoughts -
do I put them into practice, is this the wish of my  heart, is this my heart ...

Purify your heart every day - with good thoughts.

Every day think of only doing good work today -
today I am only for the GOOD  

THAT heals the body, the soul and the spirit -


Boycott means closing – closing up -
towards GOD, towards people -
all creatures and oneself -
this is a prison - a tough prison,
where nobody is allowed to enter or to leave -
except the most terrible thing in the world.

We can build up the world only if we have good thoughts.
First the thoughts come, then their putting into practice -
like building a house – like building a bridge -
like planting a tree.

Purify your heart with the TRUTH -
even if it is  bitter at times
and immediately change your TRUTH -
so that the real TRUTH comes ,
not the illusion -

always recognize  GOD in your partner!


GROWTH comes only when the heart is open and pure -
then the heart can be formed.


These are DIVINE principles that want to be fundamentalised in you


SHRI SWAMI SATHYA SAI BABA continues with the Christian Confession of Faith - and says:

We open our hands , close our eyes -
and ask for UPLIFTMENT by  the DIVINE LOVE!

WE/We pray for the souls we love and we do not love.
We pray that hunger, thirst, needs on EARTH are being transformed.

We go deeper into our hearts and ask GOD FATHER  for a VISION  so that everyone gets an answer.


We thank the FATHER  for the GRACE HE has given to us,  namely the HEART

and let us swing with OM