SAI  ISA  MA  - CERTAINTY -  March 2014

Sai Ram, dear friends,

as the helpers of SHRI MATAJI MEENA MA we want to share with you some of the latest messages:

We have learnt from the GODS that THEY perceive the doubts of the human beings and at the same time they know about the distress all over this world.
Be assured: what is NOW taking place in COSMOS and on EARTH are overdimensional events and preparations!

The GOLDEN AGE - promised since time immemorial and planned by SHRI SATHYA SAI BABA and JESUS CHRIST in THEIR MISSIONS for humanity – is taking place very soon!
The LIGHT is increasing immensely and makes the Dark burst forth, this is a COSMIC LAW.
Worldwide wars, imbalance and distress are increasing, although the opening of the hearts of human beings are also increasing…

It is truly only a matter of time, of PATIENCE and TRUST until the GODS will show THEMSELVES in public and proclaim for mankind that THEY are the GODS leading the EARTH into SALVATION, from evil into JOY and FORGIVENESS - from evil into GOOD !

SHRI MATAJI MEENA MA has been prepared all through HER life to participate in that MISSION at the side of SHRI SATHYA SAI BABA and JESUS CHRIST.
SHRI MATAJI`S activities have mostly taken place in secret until now.

JESUS CHRIST`s name will be SHRI SWAMI PREMA ANANADA: LOVE and BLISS - and HE will continue HIS MISSION of 2000 years ago.

At SHRI SATHYA SAI BABA`s request SHRI MATAJI MEENA MA has not showered DARSHAN nor spiritual guidance via telephone anymore for one year.
SHRI MATAJI`s task is now global and cosmic - this requires a lot of withdrawal and travelling at all levels ... for the global colossal day on which the GODS will officially announce THEIR HOLY MISSION .

SWAMI SATHYA SAI BABA, SWAMI PREMA ANANDA JESUS CHRIST and MATAJI MEENA MA TOGETHER, " as a team " will save the world from evil and will lead mankind into LOVE, PEACE and JOY! PEACE, LOVE, TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS, NON-VIOLENCE - these are the principles of the NEW GOLDEN AGE !

As soon as the official announcement of the GODS will occur, GREAT MIRACLES will happen – all over the world !!

Then - there will be a special PLANET constellation :
JUPITER, SUN and MOON will be in ONE LINE towards EARTH
THE NIGHT will become DAY, for about 3 days – MIRACLES and HEALINGS  will be the GIFTS of the GODS  to mankind and the whole CREATION.

Some POINTS of LIGHT all over the EARTH have received messages that SHRI SATHYA SAI BABA is coming, that JESUS CHRIST is
coming –

SAI and ISA and MA - GOD FATHER and GOD SONtogether with SHRI MATAJI MEENA MA will usher, accompany and ensure the TURNING POINT for the SALVATION of the world.

This is what GOD has documented since 1987 in over 14,000 HOLY PHOTOGRAPHS for SHRI MATAJI MEENA MA and for all human beings ! People will soon begin to understand ...

SAI ISA MA - again and again GOD has manifested those three HOLY NAMES onto the HOLY PHOTOS.

Everything SHRI MATAJI MEENA MA has written in HER books – HER autobiograpy “Through Fire into Light” in the year 2002 and the Photo Documentation Album “You are God” in 2003  - will be understood and be made transparent as the DIVINE TRUTH... !

Shri Mataji Meena Ma conveys HER LOVE and HER PRAYERS to all