August 20th, 2015

In the past days I commented on the inhuman actions - here under RECENT HOLY MESSAGES on August 11th, 2015:
My Message to all is: SHIVA IS SUCKING POISON
Refugees - more dramatic treated as animals…
What do politicians learn out of the past?
How much has Germany suffered under the separation between East and West?
Walls - in order to back up political interests - and human beings in front of and behind the wall - suffered !
Now some states are trying again to build up walls made out of barbed wire and iron wire - against the refugees being threatened, persecuted, escaping from bombs to block up their way towards FREEDOM?
Do the politicians and the responsibles really believe they can confine the stream of refugees by doing so?
Does each one ask himself / herself :
“What does it do with ourselves - strengthless, exhausted, having travelled thousands
of kilometres under most difficult circumstances -
and now the not-being-Welcomed, being rejected?”
On top of it being rejected in the symbol of the wall and barbed wire?
Is this „our" Europe?
Is this our „United Europe“ of the West?
And where are the responsible politicians?
In their words is the sound of compassion - however I am missing in it the DIRECT REALIZATION !
This is true of Germans as well as all other countries of the European Continent - including Great Britain !
I am ashamed that on top of it extremely thinking persons in the German state are allowed to radicalize - and by doing so they deny the Rights of the refugees to receive Asylum and Refuge in the prosperous country of Germany.
Non-understanding, hatred and rage again produce aggressions !
That has to go ...
Peaceful, good life with equal rights - that is the goal of HUMANENESS !
No exclusion and delimits !
May the politicians and the responsibles understand that ALL HUMAN BEINGS -
no matter which ORIGIN, NATIONALITY or BELIEF - have a right on the basic principles of HUMANENESS and they are in urgent need.
Let us grant this PRINCIPLE of HUMANENESS to all Embodiments of LOVE who are living on this EARTH.

Shri Mataji Meena Ma