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"ABODE OF LIGHT“, Kerala  -  Orphan`s Village in India !

Short report about the Journey to India of


and December 2008


Eingangstor Kinderdorf

Shri Mataji Meena Ma drove from town to town, from office to office - from the last one back to the first one. Flew from Kerala to Delhi and then the whole way back to Trivandrum to meet politicians, lawyers ...

"So many discussions and fights in order to be heard. Exhausting negotiations, long taxi-tours, bumpy roads, heat and health problems.
And always it was necessary to raise my voice and say: 'We have only come out of Love, we are here to help your country! Why is it so difficult to do this charity work?'

In the offices mostly there were about 9-10 people surrounding Mother and they went silent listening to  Mataji's words, talking about their holy land of Kerala and the old, traditional values
PREMA, SATHYA, DHARMA, SHANTI, AHIMSA (Love, Truth, Righteousness, Peacefulness, Non-Violence) and about the realization of those values.

"Endurance - born out of Love -that is what they have experienced from us: consistently knocking at office doors in order to bring forward the issue, not giving up - not allowing to be rejected.
India is the land of the pilgrim places: People pilgrim to the holy places to offer sacrifice. But not everybody lives those values of LOVE, TRUTH, RIGHTEOUSNESS, PEACEFULNESS, NON-VIOLENCE in everyday life."

What are all the difficulties which  Shri  Mataji  has had to deal - we reported about it in the yearly letter of 2005:

  • Led through many DIVINE blessed visions and signs - again during this journey - in Dec. 2003  Mataji Meena Ma purchased a 4.000 sqm land in Thalikulam/Kerala located at the Malabar coast to build the foster home. (look at "Journey Report about establishing a foster home in India", 2004).
  • Since 2006 the Meena Ma Shanti Trust has officially been accepted by the local tax administration in Thrissur as a charity foundation.
  • So far one wall with entry gates around the land and also a water pump to water the trees were built.
  • Every year we paid our property taxes and therefore received our ,,possession certificate".

This year they tightened the law: Trustees (members of a foundation) have to be Indians. If foreigners are involved in land possession new tight obligations were created. Although this law does not concern our Indian foundation as land holders, the public authorities adhere to it. Result: no possession certificate"! No start of construction without this paper ... !

Now then - here was Mataji who had come with the first donation money to open the start of construction!
What can be done?
Mataji Meena Ma's stay with Her master Shri Sathya Sai Baba in 2010 He advised HER to wait at the moment with all further steps.

Another issue which Mataji has to struggle through concerns the import of foreign donations for accomplishing the construction and later the support of the foster home.

"ABODE OF LIGHT" - a place of  Peace, Love and Healing!

People who know Mataji know it for sure that many stories may be told!
One stands for all: An Indian woman, mentally sick, not out of the house for 4 years, went into the garden looking at the plants only a few days after the healing treatment of
Out of the grace of
God the woman is being given back to life! Jai - in Honour of God!

How will things go on with "ABODE OF LIGHT"?

The delay of construction is very much regrettable: Mataji will have to travel back to Kerala in 2010.

However the delay should also be seen as being helpful because it enables us to move on with
Mataji's appeal for fund - a sum of € 180.000 is required - brought about the wonderful sum of € 20.000 -, and Mataji thanks all building-block-donators from the bottom of her heart!
To finish the task, however, SHE needs further big and essential help and asks for your loving support!
Wholeheartedly SHE asks you to help HER and the Indian children!
Gladly we will give you information material so you can carry the idea further on to other people!!

Jai - in Honour of God! 

Shiva  Shanti  Association  
(Meena Ma Shanti  Association) registered
Meena Ma Shanti Trust
Frankfurter Volksbank A/c No. 20050021
DE7150190000 0024 211410
The Catholic Syrian Bank

Branch Thalikulam
Thrissur Dist.-680 569
Kerala, India


Meena Ma mit Kindern

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This place is
SHRI Mataji Meena Ma's TEMPLE and HEALING-CENTRE in East-Allgaeu, Bavaria, near Fuessen. Please see here!